Wednesday, 20 March 2013

EMERGE 13 - Choreographers/Pieces Wanted for London run

C-12 Dance Theatre is delighted to support and champion 6 new emerging choreographers/pieces in 2013.

This is an unique opportunity to showcase emerging work for 5 nights in London.

Emerge was a concept established by Adam Towndrow, supported by Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster and produced by C-12 Dance Theatre and Space in East London (Westferry Road). Emerge premiered in 2012, featured new works from emerging choreographers Miranda Mac Letten and James Williams. During the premiere, was a special guest performance by C-12 Dance Theatre, choreographed by Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster with a piece called Scorned which went onto be performed at Move It 2013.  Additional help during Emerge, Chantal Guevara.   

The Offer
Emerge 13 will support 6 emerging choreographers/pieces (3 per week over 2 weeks).
Emerge 13 will provide 30 hours of FREE rehearsal space at the venue.
Emerge 13 will provide a percentage of the box office to the choreographer/company.
Emerge 13 will provide flyers/posters.
Emerge 13 will provide a technician.
Emerge 13 will provide a choreographic mentor, from C-12 Dance Theatre, for each piece.
Emerge 13 will provide additional marketing support (programme and brochure).

What we are looking for?
Emerging choreographers.
Emerging pieces from established choreographers.
6 pieces which are approx 20 minutes long.
Any forms of dance, dance theatre and physical theatre.
Hardworking, enthusiastic and proactive choreographers/company's that are interested in engaging new and existing dance audiences to their work and have an ability to work with others.

The work will premiere at Emerge 13 and be created in 2013.

The Space, 269 Westferry Road, E143RS
Audience Capacity - upto 60

Performance Dates
November 5th - 9th (Tues - Sat)
November 12th - 16th  (Tues - Sat)

How to apply
Email: Subject: Emerge 13
You will be sent an application form once we have received your email.

Best of luck.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY - April 30th 2013

from the Emerge 13 team at C-12 Dance Theatre.

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