Monday, 20 February 2012

The Van Man begins!

Since the announcement just before Christmas 2011 of C-12 Dance Theatre receiving our first Grants for the Arts, Lottery funded project The Van Man, it will finally begin with the full cast. The choreographer Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster had begun the research and development 2 weeks ago, and last week Annie-Lunnette joined up with her assistant choreographer Raquel Gaviria at The Albany to continue to develop the ideas and desired outcomes of the piece. Continually developing the relationships with the Sound and Design collaborators, Kweku Aacht and Ingrid Hu, the ideas which have been exchanging is nothing less than extraordinary and magical. C-12 Dance Theatre has such a positive and talented team around them with the support of The Albany, East London Dance and the Arts Council, which brings a confidence which has never been higher.

The Van Man includes some experienced C-12 performers, Wayne Summerbell and Raquel Gaviria, and we welcome a new company member who will play The Van Man, Chris Linda. Chris, auditioned for us last week and his experience, versatility and fresh energy was impressive, he has worked with Rosie Kay, past and current C-12 company members Tilly Webber and Kimberely Clarke. This week is the first week the full cast comes together. And as I write this blog, the Luton Van has just been delivered to my house, and so......the journey begins!

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