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C-12 Summer Youth Dance Intensive

C-12 Dance Theatre Summer Youth Dance Intensive - Review

C-12 Dance Theatre held it’s second Summer Youth Dance Intensive in successive years on August 30th – September 2nd 2011. Each day began at 10:00am and finished at 16:00pm. It took place within the East of England region at Chancellor’s School, Pine Grove, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL9 7BN. Chancellor’s School and C-12 Dance Theatre have been partners since 2009, after C-12 helped to choreograph a Christmas production at the school. The youth dance intensive was attended by Chancellor’s and non Chancellor’s young people between 15-18 year olds. Each pupil received a certificate of attendance, a t-shirt and performed what they had learnt to their parents and an invited audience on the last day. Each day, members of C-12 Dance Theatre including Adam Towndrow, Creative Director ran the course. Day one and two had company member Alicia Pattyson and on day three had company member Wayne Summerbell attend.

Each day of the intensive asked something new and challenging, to encourage further development for each pupil. Day one, morning, covered Communication within dance, vocal and non vocal. During the afternoon the pupils explored writing a significant moment in their life and sharing it with a partner, who would respond through movement. Day two, morning, introduced working with Props. In the afternoon pupils created characters, to respond further to day ones text, this included hot seating. Within day one and two, Alicia Pattyson taught some C-12 rep from Damaged Souls. At the end of day two, 2 pieces had emerged, a contemporary commercial piece created by Alicia Pattyson and Adam Towndrow (Firework), and an intense personal contemporary piece created by the pupils facilitated by C-12 (My Story).

Day three, Wayne Summerbell choreographed, with the pupils, a musical theatre piece, with music by Britany Spears’ Lucky. This allowed the pupils to explore and experience a different side to contemporary dance. Day four was about tidying up the 3 works followed by the performance and a presentation. Over the four days the pupils explored text, props, contemporary choreography, solo, partner, group work, musical theatre and characters, resulting in a 25 minute sharing of Lucky, Firework and My Story.

Background notes for Editors:
C-12 Dance Theatre was established in September 2005 by three professional performers – all graduates of Middlesex University. This contemporary dance theatre company was created to perform a diverse range of engaging and dynamic movement achieved by the fusion of classical and modern dance techniques, culminating in a unique and exciting performance style.

C-12 Dance Theatre was primarily established to perform within, and contribute to, East of England and East London Boroughs. The over-arching objective is to encourage schools and communities to participate in dance, both as an art form and for exercise.

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