Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Hackney Empire Performance

Date: July 7th

Location: Hackney Empire
Commission: To perform and lead a show with Avant Garde
Choreographers: Adam Towndrow and Nasae Evanson

Pieces: Roxanne, for the last time. Breed
Performers: Nasae Evanson, Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster, Jessica Spallis, Alex Drumm, Kim Clarke, Tilly Webber, Raquel Gaviria, Fay Harvey and Jaquiline Johnstone

The first was choreographed by Adam Towndrow. Titled Roxanne, for the last time, it explored the story behind the prostitute Roxanne, and followed her around until her eventual death. Strength and passion carried the story of love and hate which used a powerful and chilling cool blue lighting states with physical and contemporary movement and choreography.

Pics from "Roxanne"

Breed, choreographed by Nasae Evanson and with Avant Garde, this piece was fast flowing and was a mixture of contemporary and street choreography. It highlighted the diversity of the company, which included high risk lifts, jumps and sequences which meant the dancers needed to be on top of their game to execute.

Pics from "Breed"

Photos / Nick Gurney

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